About Us

Identity and Beginning

AlKhaila Investment Company was established in 2014 as a Saudi limited liability investment company owned by Mr. Faisal Bin Saleh Bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi with its headquarters in the capital city Riyadh.
We work within a clear professional fundamentals and rely upon the elite of Saudi competencies who are concerned with the advancement of this country and to cope with 2030 vision which all sons of this nation depend on, commencing from the leader and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, through his Crown Prince His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad Bin Salman to all the citizens.

Vision and Aspiration

We are seeking to establish our Unique Influence and expand our investment activities in several significant basic sectors in fulfillment of the needs of local and international markets, through working in accordance with intact principles and investment strategies that were developed to create opportunities.
In addition, we support and develop the level of value with the investment projects by the provision of integrated solutions and promote the effective performance of the management by following-up and give instructions that warrant the achievement of the goals of the client and accordingly achieve growth and prosperity of the economic activity in the Kingdom.

Emergence and Experience

Our business is focused on investment by contribution in different promising projects and diversified investment aspects in several sectors.
We work by the best professional standards and deliberate foundations to support the projects and investments in conformity with the Saudi market needs which reflects innovation and vast experiences.
Our activity is focused on searching for local and international investment opportunities which form an effective and essential element in supporting the economic movement in the region to keep pace with the goals of 2030 vision and to promote the activity of diversified projects and raise its contribution in the GDP to develop economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Expansion and Capabilities

We started granting study, research and analysis to all available opportunities which enabled us to capture several opportunities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad to strengthen and diversify our investment assets.

We are keen to constantly seek for any investment opportunity and to utilize international experiences and national competencies to prove our success as an investment company and reach the highest levels.

Diversification and Leadership

We are looking to achieve excellence to reach our strategic goals as an investment company with a specific path-plan to contribute in different projects, as of our initial stages and until achieving our investment returns, in several markets at the local and international levels.

We depend on our professional capabilities which are based on intact concepts and innovative strategies as well as wise and diversified experiences of the company’s cadres, which led to the success of several investments and leading and effective partnerships in the region.

Success and Attainment

Continuous seeking for success enables our officials to reach several points in the world, in addition to the presence within this country. Hence, we are one of the successful investment companies and distinguished in our field in several countries at the scope of the GCC and others. Determination leads to success and persistence lead to attainment.